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    Nolan Garza

    15.24% ROI

    June 2021

    +3994 Units

    Daryll Petty

    12.36% ROI

    June 2021

    +3994 Units

    Erik Larson

    26.2% ROI

    June 2021

    +3994 Units

    Paul Mullen

    17.2% ROI

    June 2021

    +3994 Units

    Adam Sherman

    22.9% ROI

    June 2021

    +3994 Units

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    June 22, 2021 · Baseball,sportsbetting
    How To Play Place $1000 on the first 3 innings alternative market (Over 1.5) total runs with ...
  • Overview

    Each betting strategy starts with a designated bankroll that we use to make the bets for each model in the fund. The MLB fund is made up of multiple strategies, models & systems to track. Our handicappers are sharp bettors or model creators that make up the sports' overall fund. These sharps are the "beards" and each beard in the fund is like a stock in a portfolio. Much like the stock market or an index, each fund is made up of a similar type of strategies. In the MLB Fund, all the betting strategies that we track are based off MLB bets.


    We started with the MLB Fund because of the number or games (opportunities) available in a given season. The historical data along with the frequency and trends associated with baseball betting allows us to track models and systems that can work for us long-term. We track and employ the best strategies from the sharpest bettors in the sport. With our network of sharps, we are able to see which strategies are most effective to create a long-term profit. Creating a portfolio of multiple strategies within a niche provides balance and profitability to create an alternative asset class unlike any other.



    The ability to turn a profit is making sure the games are handicapped correctly. If we undervalue a line, injury, suspension, bullpen or home-field advantage then we will leave profit on the table. We want to turn down bets that don't fit the sharp's systems but also make great plays on picks where we they have found a discrepancy in the market. Getting the right value with the right picks lessens the focus on price shopping. Handicapping with disciplined bankroll management is the key to growing a fund with sports betting as the vehicle.


    Once the games are plugged into the models we come up with a slate of games per day that we want to wager on for each strategy. While there will be wins and losses throughout the season we can consistently grow the bankroll by making good picks. If there is an outlier or we don't like the value we simply don't have to play the bet. With the baseball fund, we have multiple opportunities a day to create good winning percentage and great return on investment. Subscribers will get full access to the picks to track or place for themselves.

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