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    Once your bankroll is sizable and you can earn a living from your profits you have made it to the big leagues and ready to start implementing your own strategies, style and systems. 

  • The Sharp Player Advocates

    An alternative sports betting fund from a network of sharps


    Sharp Picks

    With a network of sharps we can consolidate the best picks from pros in a central database. Tout services focus on short-term successes. Long-term results stem from niche markets and specializations from the handicappers that can mix their models and intuition into sportsbook beating model and continue to get action.


    High Leverage Systems

    Leveraging betting outlets with the best value allows us to bet at scale and hedge our bets with the best models across a large catalog of available markets. By networking our analysts, models, data and handicappers, we get the best prices paired with the best data. The historical data from the best sharps creates leverage.


    Arbitrage Models

    Making multiple bets on the same event or hedging pre-game markets with live in-play markets can guarantee a profit no matter the result. With the competitive landscape of sportsbooks trying to acquire recreational bettors and the available markets with low margin holds, we can exploit these opportunities with volume.


    Synthetic Holds

    The hold in sports betting refers to the percentage of money that sportsbooks keep for every dollar wagered. The percentage will vary by wager type (higher holds = riskier bets). The books will make more money in the long run from higher hold percentages, so we want to eliminate the hold to minimize losses and maximize profits.

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